​Preggi Bellies is the Pregnancy Hub for ALL pregnancyand post-natal exercise.​​​​​​

International research has shown that with exercise, pregnant women can actively improve their fitness and wellness throughout their pregnancy and can achieve health benefits for pregnancy, labour and post-delivery previously thought impossible.

Our exercise program and classes have been developed over 20 years by physiotherapists, doctors, exercise specialists and obstetricians.

We continue to draw inspiration from the latest research, exercise trends and valuable feedback from over 20,000 participating pregnant women.
We run as a comprehensive program that can form part of your overall health plan during your pregnancy. We require, in order to achieve these goals, that you attend a minimum of 2 classes a week.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend a minimum of half an hour of cardiovascular exercise daily for pregnant women.
By participating in two classes a week we can ensure that a great portion of your exercise requirements are met.
Furthermore, during pregnancy there is a hormone going through your body called Relaxin. This hormone reaches peak levels at around 14 weeks and remains at this level until after birth. Relaxin softens the joints and ligaments in preparation for birth. This can also make you more prone to injury from sporadic exercise – i.e. – exercise once a week or less. By coming to two classes a week we are able to build you up in a safe environment to achieve the best possible outcome for you during your pregnancy.
Our classes have been uniquely based on supporting and strengthening the pelvic floor, stabilizing the pelvis and significantly lowering the impact on the spine.

We offer controlled cardiovascular exercise, circuit, resistance training, pregnancy specific pelvic floor & core stabilization as well as pregnancy Yoga and Pilates. Exercises are easily modified for all individual needs. All our classes are taught by fully certified Pre/Post Natal Trainers

All members have continual access to telephone support, advice and answers to any questions about pregnancy or fitness training through our dedicated Call Centre team.

Time to get fit, strong and healthy! Join the thousands of other pregnant and post-natal women Australia-wide who are daring to make the change with PreggiBellies.