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Frequently asked questions

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    When is the right time to commence exercise when pregnant?


    If you have been exercising regularly and there are no contraindications to being able to exercise, you can start any time you wish. Many ladies prefer to wait until they have had their 12 week scan to confirm that the pregnancy is on track before beginning a new exercise regime, however you can start as early as you wish.
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    Do I need approval from my Doctor before I commence exercise?


    Your doctor has probably had a conversation with you about the benefits of exercising during your pregnancy, both for you and for your baby. Your doctor will advise you based on your own personal circumstances. Preggi Bellies does a thorough screening of all potential members to ensure that there are no medical contraindications to you being able to exercise and will refer you back to your doctor for clarification if anything comes up.
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    Why do I need to attend a minimum of 2 classes a week?


    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per day for pregnant women. Our classes ensure that you are getting a good portion of this exercise. Furthermore, when you are pregnant you have a hormone going through your body called Relaxin. This hormone softens all the joints and ligaments in preparation for birth and also makes you more prone to injury from sporadic exercise. by sticking to a regime of a minimum of 2 classes a week, we are able to build up your strength in a safe environment.
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    What happens if I miss a class, are unwell or away?


    Our cancellation policies ensure a great deal of flexibility to change classes when necessary or cancel classes if you are going away. People do get sick and do go away on holidays and as long as you let us know and cancel your classes for this time, you will not forfeit them. The most important thing if you are going away is have a great time!!!
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    Can I attend multiple venues or am I restricted to the 1 venue? Does this include interstate?


    When you become a member of Preggi Bellies, you have access to our entire timetable across the board, in all venues in every state we run in.
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    Do I have to attend the same two bookings every week or can I change them?


    You can change your bookings to suit your personal circumstances, including making use of a number of different classes in our venues. You are not restricted to the same 2 bookings each week.
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    How long can I continue exercising for through my pregnancy?


    All being well, you can continue to exercise right up until you give birth. The longer you continue to exercise, the greater the benefit will be to you in the labour room and in your post natal recovery.
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    If I am advised I am unable to continue classes after joining do I lose my session pack or membership?


    Upon presentation of a doctor's certificate, your membership will be placed on hold and you will be able to use those sessions post. (if you have purchased a session pack)
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    Can I continue exercising with Pelvic Girdle Pain?


    Depending on the severity of this or any other pregnancy related condition, exercises in the classes will be modified for you so that you can continue to be as active as possible throughout your pregnancy. In more sever cases we will refer you to a physio to help treat your symptoms and work with them to ensure that you have the best outcome in managing your condition. In the event that the condition is very severe and you are advised not to continue exercising, we will put your session pack on hold and you will be able to use the sessions post.
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    When can I return to exercise post natally?


    Once you have had your six week post natal checkup for a vaginal delivery or 8 week for a caesar, you can start back any time after that. It is important to note that when you come back we focus on your pelvic floor and abdominal rehab. It is extremely important to properly strengthen these muscles before going back to your pre pregnancy exercise regime. Not correctly strengthening up these areas post baby can lead to problems down the track.
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    Can I join Preggi Bellies as a post natal even if I did not do your classes while pregnant?


    Absolutely!! Correct exercise Post birth is as important as during pregnancy and we offer a whole range of post natal friendly classes as well as Mums and Bubs and Back to Body.
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