Fitness Australia approved CEC program - earn 15 CC's in our 3 day pre and post natal course providing you with the knowledge and skills to safely prescribe exercise for pre and post natal clients in accordance with Fitness Australia pre and/or post natal guidelines.
The Preggi bellies Exercise for Pregnancy and Post natal Course is available Face to Face (3 days) or online through Fitness Network Australia: 


The exercise for pregnancy and post natal course allows you to gain further knowledge about pregnancy and specialise in pre and post natal exercise.
The course is a MUST for all fitness professionals wanting a more in depth understanding of programming for women through the different stages and gain more confidence in instructing pre and post natal clients.
Preggi Bellies is the international leader in pregnancy and post natal exercise. this course is delivered face-to-face and is developed by leading experts in the area of pregnancy, post pregnancy and pelvic floor fitness. Our team of instructors and course presenters comprise of physiotherapists and fitness professionals specialising in women health.

Body changes and the effects during pregnancy
Trimesters during pregnancy
Benefits and guidelines of regular exercise during pregnancy
Summary of essential modifications and injuries and problems which may arise during pregnancy and post pregnancy
The post natal and women guidelines to returning to exercise
Common complaints during pregnancy
Pelvic Girdle Pain, Low back pain, Pelvic floor and Rectus Diastasis
Exercising with core stability, pelvic floor and myofascial slings

Sample pregnancy and post natal workouts
Pre Natal Client questionnaire and Post Natal Client questionnaire
Information sheets and resources to give to your clients to educate them on pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise.

For more information to enrol contact:

Head Office: 1300 72 71 71

Preggi Bellies AustralianHead Office
4 Cochranes Road
Moorabbin, VIC, 3189
Learn everything there is to know about putting together cardiovascular fitful routines, muscular strength and endurance, core stability and stretch for our wonderful Preggi Bellies participants. Preggi Bellies instructor training is separate to the above outlines course.


"Regular exercise in pregnancy promotes a feeling of well being, enables women to manage their labor more effectively and encourages a speedy post natal recovery. I recommend Preggi Bellies to my patients as it provides an ideal way to enjoy exercise during pregnancy"

Dr Tim Sturrock - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist - Melbourne, Australia

"Preggi Bellies has kept me toned and active throughout my pregnancies. The exercise has helped me cope with continuing in my work, which, as a physician, requires a lot of time on my feet. I learnt safe ways to avoid strain and injury, experienced no back pain and regained my shape. For over 3 years Preggi Bellies has been the perfect exercise program"

Dr Sue Corcoran MB BS, FRACP

"it is really important to exercise during pregnancy. Preggi Bellies was great for me - it was fun, safe, helped me maintain my fitness and mobility and required no sporting skill"

Dr Shelley Rowlands - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

"Preggi Bellies is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength for both novice and experienced exercisers. It is ideal preparation for delivery and the posy natal period"

Sarah Nosworthy - Women's Health Physiotherapist